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  • Freedom3:39

Joey O Music

Rain Down CD

Mastered by The SOUND LAB and packaged by Disc Makers, Rain Down  is a collection of 17 songs including tracks from True Love Waits and The Other Side plus a bonus track!

"I recorded many of these songs between 2000 and 2003 and always wanted to have them professionally mastered and packaged and that dream has finally been realized." 

"People who are familiar with the songs will definitely notice a difference. I completely re-recorded the vocal track and added new production to Without Love and there are many other nuances throughout the entire CD that make this project worth having." 

" A quiet space and headphones/earbuds are highly recommended for listening. A good car stereo works as well. I often put it on at night and just fall asleep listening to it"

Thank you so much for your support! JJO II

  • I Am Saved0:20
  • True Love Waits0:20
  • Cry Jesus0:23
  • Remember0:24
  • Change0:28
  • Lord Of My Life0:12
  • Starlight0:14
  • Rain0:19
  • Still0:13
  • Hear You Say0:29
  • Glad0:41
  • Without Love0:38
  • Freedom0:30
  • Rain Down0:30
  • Time's Up0:20
  • Hope Again0:22